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About Sole Developers

Sole Developers transform people by inspiring change. We provide quality, long term benefits and growth by delivering inspirational learning, supported through skills, knowledge and robust evaluation, mapped to individual and organisational goals.

We provide a range of corporate training courses from our offices based in County Durham; alternatively to keep your costs down we can come to you and deliver our training courses in-house. Our flexible approach to training takes into account the time restrictions and the various different skill levels of the delegates.

Cost Effective, High Quality interactive training courses

Courses include Train the Trainer, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS), Communication Skills, Employablity Programmes, Tailored Coaching and Complete Development solutions for organisations and individuals throughtout the UK.

Our in-company bespoke training and open courses provide your organisation with a comprehensive training and development service:

Tailored training and development

We listen to your specific needs and provide bespoke training solutions for your people and situations.

Learning made easy to transfer back to the workplace
We design and deliver practical solutions that your people will find easy to implement back in the workplace.

A solid base of expertise

You will benefit from a wealth of combined training & development experience within our team of training instructors, including a qualified business coach, life-coach, counsellor, assessors & verifiers.

A partnership approach

When we become an insider in the training and development process we can add value as your internal consultant.

After-course support for ALL learners

Your people will get real benefit from being able to use the after-course support service (telephone and email support) following any program.

We can help you set action plans/goals, implement and evaluation, and give you extra tools on the way.

Counselling Support, Life-coaching & Mentoring

We also offer counselling, life-coaching & mentoring support for those who require personal development. Our counselling services are inclusive of a wide range of individuals such as; unemployed, lone parents, vulnerable adults, adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, young people with issues/problems/worries, people who are stuck in a rut and feel they have no way out or no-one who understands them, along with individuals who just want to move on in life with goals but don't know how to, basically anyone!

Sole Developers counselling specialists are trained to deal with numerous issues. These include: stress management, anger management, communication problems, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, relationship coaching, gender dysphoria/sexuality concerns, dealing with family bereavement, pet bereavement, life crisis, redundancies, career change, weight management, various psychological issues, health problems etc.

Life-coaching and mentoring are available to help push you forward with your dreams and goals, areas of development, recognising opportunities, basically any area of your life you would like to change. Our expertise can help you do just that and live the life you so desire. For further information about Life-coaching and mentoring, visit our Personal Development Page.

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