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Laughter Coaching

The best medicine truly is laughter.

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’.

'We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’

Laughter Coaching is essential in these times of stress and all its related ailments. Rediscover nature's natural stress buster and immune system booster by bringing laughter back into your life.

Laughter is one of the first languages we learn, the sad thing is we don’t laugh enough these days.

This is an excellent course for health workers, teachers, trainers, coaches, in fact absolutely anyone and everyone would benefit from laughter coaching. This is truly one of the best gifts worth giving to those who are struggling with depression, dealing with stress, trauma, lack of confidence or just generally feeling a little out of control. 

Laughter has many good health benefits, it encourages the release of endorphins in the body (our happy hormones) giving us a greater feeling of well-being.

Laughter coaching can also be used for team building and children’s events.

This course will teach you the benefits of laughter, the effects laughter has on both the body and mind and you will learn the skills and techniques used in laughter coaching to bring laughter back into almost anyone’s life including your own.

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