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Sales, Telesales Training

What is Telesales? Selling by telephone contact alone, normally a sales function in its own right.

In our competitive market place, the companies with great customer service will not only continue to exist, they will boom. The business world today revolves around personal service. We should realise that customer service is not a desk or a department. Instead, it is a philosophy or an attitude that inhabits our culture throughout our entire organisation. We normally do business with our customers either by direct contact (face-to-face) or more increasingly by the telephone.

Emphasis has shifted more towards Telesales and Customer Service via the Telephone and as a result we need to ensure that our Telephone Workers have the correct skills to ensure that our Customer's needs are addressed but also to maximise the Sales Opportunities that we are faced with when dealing with our Customers via the Telephone.

This one day Training Course will enable you to maximise every opportunity of the Customer Relationship over The Telephone by highlighting each of the "Key Stages" of the Process.

Course Aim:

By taking part in this course, delegates will:

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