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Career Development
Employability Programme 2

CV Writing, Interview Skills, Job-searching

Are you bored with your current job?Are you looking for a change in direction but don't know where to start?

Perhaps you've never had to write a CV / Resume or not quite sure what information to include

Perhaps you're looking for your first job but not quite sure what you'd like to do?

Are you concerned about sending your personal details to a complete stranger so they can write your CV, worried about Identity Theft ...... worry no more, you can write your own CV.

This is probably the most comprehensive training course available to help you or your employees write a CV / Resume and to hone your Job Search Skills and also prepare you for a Confident and Successful Job Interview. This training course is arguably the best around and whether you are just entering the job market or you're looking to dust off your current CV / Resume, you will find this training course extremely useful.

What is covered?

Group discounts are available.

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