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Effective Delegation Skills

Training Course Objectives: This training course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to delegation

What is delegation, formal and informal delegation, delegating more often, delegation barriers, benefits of delegation, getting the right balance, how others can benefit.

How to delegate

A simple five stage sequence - identify the task/project, identify the right person, brief the person and set goals and priorities, support the individual appropriately, recognise the effort or contribution.

Delegation and communication skills

Practical delegation skills, step by step delegation, selecting the individuals, briefing styles, clear communication, delegation styles, knowing your style.

Setting goals and monitoring progress

Coaching through delegation, push & pull coaching strategies, recognise effort and contribution.

Learning from the delegation process

Look for potential, harness enthusiasm, motivation and empowerment, developing individuals, capturing the learning, unsuitable tasks for delegation, look for feedback, learning and improving, practice delegating, delegation checklist.

Learning Outcomes: 

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